Bill O’Reilly is an abject coward

April 23, 2007 | By | 3 Replies More

Why? Because he’s afraid to allow Richard Dawkins a chance to talk. Here’s the proof:

Next time, O’Reilly could save Dawkins the trouble of showing up. O’Reilly could simply place a cardboard facade of Dawkins opposite O’Reilly’s desk and just talk at the facade, for hours, if he’d like.


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    Most experts warn against accepting public debates between reason and faith.

    The faithful can give a pithy, feel-good argument that resonates with an audience in seconds, but reasoners need to educate the audience up to the level of understanding the rebuttal each and every time. It can take hours to build the foundation to effectively refute a brief creationist argument. Talk show and debate formats allow (at best) equal short times.

    Here is one account<a/> of how these usually go.

  2. seek says:

    Dawkins had enough time to make better points than O'Douche- what more could you ask for? By your description, I was expecting a typical Factor yelling fest, but this was actually pretty civil. Thanks for posting the vid btw- I heard Dawkins was gonna be on there, but just can't bring myself to watch that show x.x

  3. Ben says:

    Dan, others, you might appreciate Jason Rosenhouse's well-documented experiences at a recent creationist rally.

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