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Back in January, 2007, I attended a press conference in Memphis during which Dennis Kucinich appeared to strongly oppose impeachment.  Based upon a recent interview with Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow, though, Kucinich seems to be warming up to the idea:

I don’t think that it’s wise for the House and the Congress, for co-equal branches of government, to essentially give the President carte blanche in his decision making by saying no matter what you do, impeachment is off the table. I think that impeachment has to be on the table, and I also think that it’s time to have a national conversation in cities, in towns all over America about the appropriate conduct for a President and a Vice President, about whether it’s right for a President and Vice President to lie to the American people and take us into war. About the erosion of civil rights in America and how that’s come about as a result of this administration’s conduct of the war.

I think that it’s time to have that kind of a discussion, and I’ve urged that from my website at kucinich.us, and I’m asking to hear from people about what they think, and I think that we need to make sure that this President understands that he can’t do whatever he wants, that he is bound by the constitution, that he is bound by national and international law.

My thought is that Bush has proven himself to be out of control, dangerous and dishonest in a way that even most politicians are dishonest.  I am concerned that allowing him to stay in the White House is resetting the bar for what Americans should tolerate in future presidents.  If it could be accomplished expeditiously, I would be totally in favor of impeaching both Bush and Cheney.  I suspect, however that we have not yet reached the point where Bush & Cheney could be removed expeditiously.   Perhaps that will change as more hearings are held by Congress . . .


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  1. Thanks for the post. Kucinich is one of the few straight-shooters left in politics. I think many of us have felt that we wanted to see what the new Congress could and would do regarding the many ways, especially Iraq, the U.S. has strayed off-course under bush/cheney. It's more and more clear that the administration remains defiant and unconcerned about the wishes of ordinary Americans. It's time to look seriously at impeachment.

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