Bush interrupts war against “pure evil” to raise money for RNC

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I wish I were making this up, but it’s true.  Bush believes he is in an epic war against “pure evil,” yet managed to take time this week to raise money for the Republican National Committee, and he then left for a vacation at his family ranch in Crawford, Texas.  And here I thought only cartoon superheroes fought against “pure evil.”  Apparently Bush can do that and raise money for his political party at the same time.  He can even fight pure evil and spend “quiet time” on vacation at the same time.  Now don’t laugh — Bush clearly has his priorities straight:  brush cutting, first; ridding our planet of pure evil, second.


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  1. Ben says:

    Good point, although, Bush considers Pelosi, Clinton and us lefties to be harbouring "pure evil" too, I suspect. So really, in his mind, he was just spreading his troops evenly to combat "pure evil" the best way he knows. The vacation part… well, even Superman had the fortress of solitude as a retreat when he felt under the weather. You got to admit Grumpy, things are looking better than they were a couple months ago, before we took the House. Public opinion has improved too in terms of being more sentient to reality.

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Doesn't a ranch require animals? What does Bush raise on his ranch?


  3. grumpypilgrim says:

    "What does Bush raise on his ranch?"

    Hmmm…expectations? It appears to be the only place where failure does not follow him: he is never more competent than when he is clearing brush.

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