This gets my vote for the best headline of the year . . .

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Cheney Lurks Behind Shrub At Bush Press Conference


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    There appears to be no limit to how far Bush will descend to try to blame Congressional Democrats for his mess in Iraq. Here's another example:….

  2. Ben says:

    "Intelligent life may have been discovered in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth, the brain of a certain Bill O'Reilly."

    This possible headline came to my mind recently, while I was engaging in a guilty pleasure of mine, tuning in to the "O'Reilly No Spin Zone" on the radio. Usually it's just whacko Bill flapping his gums about how terrible liberals are and how wonderful God/he is. But today, I was confounded as O'Reilly mentioned global warming and the recent supreme court decision to allow the EPA to impose restrictions. He was actually in favor of the decision, and says that protecting the environment is the right thing to do. Somebody pinch me, maybe there is still hope…

  3. Devi says:

    I second the quote. I frequently refer to our fearless (and brainless) leader as shrub, have since I heard Molly Ivans refer to him that way (as that and "Dubyah"). And now I'm sad, because in trying to provide a link to Molly's works in case some don't know of her, I found that she died in January. I will miss her hard hitting, no nonsense style of writing.

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