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I photographed this older orangutan yesterday at the St. Louis Zoo.  He had moved slowly to this spot about 50 feet away from the glass, where he paused for several minutes and stared back at the humans who were staring at him.

I was pondering whether this photo needed a caption, but I decided simply to post it as is.  His expression made me think of the desperate plight of orangutans in the wild. 



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  1. Robin says:

    This guy is cool, and it's the second photo I have found of him on the Post Dispatch website. I love his expression. I would like to use this photo as inspiration for an art piece done in raised plaster, if it's ok with you. I will check back here for your response. Thanks!

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Robin: This old fellow inspires me too. Use this photo in any way you'd like, as long as it's with attribution (publish the link to this post along with the photo).


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