John McCain “freely” strolls through Bagdad market

April 2, 2007 | By | 2 Replies More

This video just goes to show you how vigorously the GOP is spinning our “success” in Iraq. 

Notice that McCain was wearing a bulletproof vest during his “stroll through the market.”  He also brought 100 soldiers and five helicopters to protect him while he “walked freely” through the market.


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    I think I could walk freely though the market with a hundred heavily armed and fiercely trained troops around me, maybe even without the helicopters.

    So we tie up a couple tens of millions of dollars in troops, training, and equipment for a GOP actuality?

    Sounds like "Mission Accomplished" all over again to me.

  2. grumpypilgrim says:

    McCain has long supported Bush's foolish idea to invade Iraq; therefore, in the face of the looming disaster there, McCain faces the same choice Bush faces: either flip-flop and admit he was wrong, or else dig in and find some way to claim he was right to do what he did because Iraq is improving. An honest man would do the former; one with cognitive dissonance would do the latter.

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