Murtha’s plan and the war (of words)

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When I see how this war of words is going on, it depresses me.  As reported by DailyKos:

The GOP is trying to frame Murtha’s plan of requiring improved troop readiness as the exact opposite.

According the GOP: Murtha’s plan

If we don’t make sure to hammer the point that Murtha’s plan calls for the very opposite soon and often, the GOP lies will prevail.

Murtha’s plan calls for

  • Sufficient soldier training,
  • Sufficient equipment, and
  • Reasonable deployment and leave time 

The only way all this frantic GOP spinning could be useful is if a substantial number of Americans were feeble-minded apathetic nincompoops.  Truly.  

The GOP approach is to argue that properly preparing and protecting the troops is harming the troops.  How is it that any intelligent person reading Murtha’s plan could believe that Murtha is planning to take away the equipment of the troops while leaving them defenseless in the field?


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    Well, we know as a Marine (I have it on good authority there's no such thing as a fomer Marine) and Vietnam vet, Rep. Murtha is completely unsympathetic to the needs of the troops in the field, eh?

    There is no low to which the right wing neocon Brown Shirt weblog echochambering yobbo yappers will not descend to in support of their failed efforts in Iraq.

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