There are no accidental wars

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Here’s today’s headline from MSNBC today:

U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger accidental war

Here’s what is going on, according to this article: 

Citing Iranian involvement with Iraqi militias and Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, the Bush administration has shifted to offense in its confrontation with Iran — building up the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf and promising more aggressive moves against Iranian operatives in Iraq and Lebanon.

The behind-the-scenes struggle between the two nations could explode into open warfare over a single misstep, analysts and U.S. military officials warn.

If a war broke out with Iran, that war would be the least accidental thing that has ever happened.  A plan to attack Iran has been in place for many months, as reported at least two years ago.

My question tonight is why this headline characterizes any war that might result as “accidental.”  We’re only an flimsy excuse away from bombs dropping, just in time so Bush can start thinking about cleaning out his things, retiring back to his ranch as the fake cowboy he is, and leaving this country and the middle-east in a much bigger mess than it already is.


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  1. Timothy Hogan says:

    Folks, its only a ranch if you have animals there! All W does on his brushfarm is cut brush! W's taken more vacations from the realities of leadership than any other President in history, just as the last Republican Congress took more time off than any other since the "do nothing Republicans" of Harry Truman's day.

    I believe that when the latest "surge" utterly fails, Bush will phony up an excuse to bomb Iran claiming he targeted the nuclear facilities there which are enriching uranium. It's not called the "Bush Doctrine" for nothing. We need to start impeachment proceedings now, using the Articles of Impeachment against R.M. Nixon as a model.

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Here's more on Bush's intentions to attack Iran, from Alternet: "Holding Bush Back from Attacking Iran."

  3. grumpypilgrim says:

    Timothy wrote: "…just as the last Republican Congress took more time off than any other since the “do nothing Republicans” of Harry Truman’s day."

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this last (Republican) Congress took more time off than even the infamous "do nothing Republicans" of Truman's time. This last (Republican) Congress might be the most "do nothing" Congress in American history. Too bad they didn't consider overthrowing two countries and cleaning up the biggest natural disaster in American history to be important enough to justify taking time away from their bribes…er, junkets…with lobbyists.

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