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Who is the God about whom each item on this list is allegedly true:

  • He “was the biggest healer in Antiquity, even raising the dead.
  • They called him Savior and Redeemer.
  • He was born of a mortal virgin mother, but had a divine Father.
  • He walked on water.
  • He was not part of polytheism.
  • He was “light of the world.”
  • He rose from the grave and ascended to heaven.
  • He was the “single true God.”
  • He was the “Light of the world.”
  • He was the “good shepherd.”
  • He was the “lamb.”
  • He was “way, the truth and the life.”
  • He was identified with a cross.
  • He had 12 disciplines who gather together for a last supper.
  • He was found by wise men who were guided by a star.
  • One of his disciples was a favorite and another was a traitor.
  • He performed countless miracles.
  • His message was of love and compassion.
  • He preached that there was only one true God.
  • Declared that the righteous will go to paradise.

[Hint:  he is not necessarily Jesus.  See this succinct summary.   The answer to each of these might also be Asklepios, Hercules, Prometheus, Dionysos, Osiris, Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Buddha or Apollonius of Tyana].


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    It's interesting how often "virgin" women in antiquity claimed to have been impregnated by "divine" men. We never hear of it happening the other way, with a "virgin" father and "divine" mother; i.e., a man suddenly being in possession of a child. But the incidence of women being impregnated by "divine" men certainly should raise some eyebrows…their story being an all-too-convenient way of explaining away an unexpected pregnancy. Indeed, one might wonder if the story of Jesus being born to a "virgin," might simply have been concocted to avoid Jesus being labeled illegitimate.

  2. Scholar says:

    I think this is borderline blasphemy. You left Superman off of the list. Also, Remo Williams acheived high enough martial arts ability to walk on water. Granted, these were in emergencies, and for only brief distances of 50 feet or so.

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