Ed Markey: A good friend for each of us who believes in a vigorous First Amendment

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The American public has a friend in Ed Markey, the Massachusetts’ representative who is the now the Chairman and the highest-ranking Democrat of the House Subcommittee on Telecomunications and the Internet.

Markey knows media well. This video is proof. He knows that the telephone companies have one full-time lobbyist in Washington DC for each member of Congress. He knows that we are up against big corporate money in the fight to keep the Internet available for all providers and all consumers of information.

He’s a big advocate of network neutrality. He commends the bourgeoning movement of grass roots citizens who have stepped up to defend the Internet with massive demonstrations of support. He speaks with vigor against media consolidation. BTW, check out this study showing the bogus arguments the big telecoms make in their attempts to justify further consolidation.

Markey speaks in support of the many forms of alternative media and he recognizes the power and accomplishments of blogs (here’s one recent example).

He’s the right guy at the right time and the right place.


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