The Bush/Cheney Christmas present to America

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Their unnecessary, unjustified invasion of Iraq has now cost more American lives than did the (unrelated) 9/11 attack.  (See ).


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Why isn't the senseless killing stopping–today? Does ANYONE think that the US presence in Iraq is saving lives (Iraqi or US)?  What would you call someone who would rather be stubborn and selfish than save human lives? Here's an excerpt from a recent post by Jane Smiley on Huffpo:

    People always comment on how stubborn George W. Bush is, or how stupid he is, or how ignorant he is, but what they don't comment on is how selfish he is. . . He is willing to sacrifice any number of troops . . . and any number of Iraqis . . . in order to say that—Well, what? What would be the expression? "We did our best"? Well, no. The Bush administration didn't do their best, because they never gave their post war strategy any thought. "We tried"? Hardly. "We did everything we could"? But no. They gave the PR a shot ("weapons of mass destruction"), but in the end, they were indifferent to everything about the war except George W. Bush's mood. . . . Remember how the former British Ambassador was warned by Condi Rice as he went into a meeting with Bush, "Don't make him angry"?

    One thing I have always wondered about Bush, that I wonder even more now, is what is the source of his power over these people, that come hell (Iraq) or high water (Katrina), they do what he wants? Does he throw things? Does he hold his breath and turn red in the face, so that they worry he'll have a stroke? Does he hit people? Does he shout, "Off with his head!"?

    For Smiley's full post, click here.

  2. grumpypilgrim says:

    Here's a great article about Bush and his "new plan" for Iraq:…. It states Bush "worked nearly three hours at his Texas ranch on Thursday to design a new U.S. policy in Iraq, then emerged to say that he and his advisers need more time to craft the plan…." Ooooh…I wonder if that was three consecutive hours of work or if he took any breaks. Well, with 3000+ dead American troops in Iraq, you can tell Bush is making his "new plan" a top priority. I mean, nearly three whole hours of work during his vacation to help end the daily slaughter of American soldiers…Bush sure is showing the country what a hard worker he is. I hope the country is paying attention.

  3. grumpypilgrim says:

    The death toll of American troops in Iraq topped 3,000 today. Remember, however, that this number includes only those who died *in battle*; it excludes soldiers who died after being evacuated from the field. Thus, the actual death toll of American troops is greater than 3,000, but the military prefers to use the smallest possible number.

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