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Sometimes I see signs in front of churches and wish I could change the message.  Here’s a location where you can make your own sign.  The site includes many actual signs, at least that is the claim, because some are just too ironic (or honest) to be real signs.  For example:


Is it any wonder, with credos like this, that people refuse to use logic when thinking about their religious beliefs?

Or how about this, which makes it very clear that IF the ‘word of God’ was indeed infallible when it was given, humans have certainly screwed it up?  



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  1. CoMeDy KiD says:

    Change messages on 500 more sign templates @ 😉

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    CoMeDy Kid: Thanks for the link, I think. Unbelievable number of options, my favorite so far being the skeleton bones logo maker.

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