Condemn yourself to hell and get a free DVD

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I hadn’t heard of the “Blasphemy Challenge” until today. The Rational Response Squad is giving away 1001 DVDs of the movie “The God Who Wasn’t There.”  To be eligible, one must record a short message damning oneself to Hell (using the phrase “I deny the Holy Spirit”), then upload it to YouTube.  For more on the sin against the Holy Spirit, see here.

The Rational Response Squad has sponsored this challenge, inviting visitors to “declare your independence from the stone age.” 

The home page of the RRS contains a score card of people killed by God versus people killed by Satan, according to the Bible.  Chapter, verse and number of fatalities cited here.  The official tally?

God:  in excess of 2,270,365

Satan: 10

If the risk of hell associated with the “Blasphemy Challenge” seems all too dreadful and final, just remember that you get that free DVD . . .



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  1. Dan says:

    Whoa. I had a stack of 26 souls signed over to me by a friend who collects them. I have it in writing. Does that mean I can get 27 free copies of this DVD?

  2. Scholar says:

    Uh, what about all the people who died as a result of God, but were then sent to Hell by the Gatekeeper? I think those have to be counted as "kills" for Satan…all things being equal. The reasoning being that our benevolent God would not "kill" somebody who was destined for Heaven. So really the score is probably more like God with 1,500,000 kills. Thus, Satan can certainly be credited with over 1 million kills. Please do not question the math, it could be grounds for being sent to Hell, just a friendly warning.

  3. gatomjp says:

    When I sent him the god vs satan kill statistics, Vesperiant pointed out to me this statistic (with his tongue planted firmly in cheek):

    People created:

    god – all of them

    satan – 0

    It's like Bill Cosby's dad once said to him, "I brought you into this world…I can take you out! Don't forget, I can always make another one just like you."

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