Can’t stop watching Internet videos . . . skate-boarding doggie . . .

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I’m not addicted to web videos . . . Really.  I don’t think I am.  Am I?   Oh, come on!   Watch this skate-boarding doggie and tell me it didn’t make you smile.  

This video really makes me want to know how to train a dog to do these tricks. 


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  1. Skblllzzzz says:

    Wonder how pooch will perform in a half-pipe 😉

  2. Scholar says:

    The way I trained my dog was by association. My dog knows about 15-20 commands, including closing doors, bark on command, bark loudly on command, up, down, roll over, spin, heel, sit, and bring (she doesnt like to fetch but will bring and drop something she already has). In fact, I have pretty much run out of things to teach her. The key is to begin with something easy like "sit" and give a reward along with a hand signal. This foundation can then be molded into other behaviors.

    For example, my dog tended to bark when it was walk time. I used that tendency in order to teach her the "speak" command. During the training phase I simply switched the words (and hand signals) from "do you want to go for a walk" to "do you want to go for a speak?". Then gradually I changed the phrase to just "speak". To teach her to close the door, I just modified the "up" command and showed her (with treats mind you) where I wanted her to go (the door in this case), then modified the spoken command and hand gesture from "up" to "cloooose the door".

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