Canada votes to not revisit the issue of gay marriage

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In a post entitiled “Canada Makes the Baby Jesus Cry,” Ed Brayton had this to say about the Canadian Parliament’s recent refusal to reconsider last year’s approval of gay marriage throughout Canada: 

Now, of course, Canada’s entire culture will collapse, people will stop marrying one another and loving their kids, and dogs and cats will start living together.


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  1. Dan says:

    Three cheers for us! Despite Harper's offensive partisan maneuvers during the Israel/Lebanon conflict, I can't say as a staunch radical-left-winger that the Conservatives have been doing a poor job. There are areas (environmental policy, cough) that need serious improvement, but given that there is a Conservative leading the country, things could be far worse. And now the PCs here in Alberta have elected Ed Stelmach, certainly the best of the three PC candidates. Things are looking up.

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