I wonder what Iraqis have to be thankful for

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While Americans were enjoying the companionship of family and friends on Thanksgiving day, secular violence continued in Iraq, with more than 230 people either killed or found dead.  One attack alone claimed 161 lives.  America might have taken away Iraq’s dictator, but we appear to have exchanged tyranny for genocide, which raises the question:  what do Iraqis have to be thankful for?

It also raises other questions.  How many Iraqi families were affected by all those murders?  How many will remember America’s day of “Thanksgiving” as the day that America’s unjustified invasion forever robbed them of a beloved relative or friend?  With the death toll skyrocketing every day, how long before every family in Iraq will have experienced the murder of a relative or friend because of America’s unjustified invasion?  How many will march in parades, chanting “death to America,” for years to come?  How many future enemies has America created?  How many future terrorists?

For more information about the counter-productive nature of misguided government policies, see here, and here, and here, and here, and my comments to this post.


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