Landover Baptist Bible Punishment Quiz

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I stumbled across this Bible punishment quiz this morning.  It’s pretty straightforward, based on the Bible and therefore shocking.   It’s a good thing no one (not even Fundamentalists) reallys follow the Bible.  If you do well on this quiz, feel free to take other Bible quizzes, all of them equally based on the Bible (or fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible) and equally disturbing.

The quizzes are part of a much larger humorous site called Landover Baptist Church: The Largest, Most Powerful Assembly of Worthwhile People to Ever Exist.  Unsaved are NOT Welcome! 

Don’t forget to check out the gift shop, where you can buy Vacation Bible Gun Camp Gear.

Also check out the 60-second sermons, including “Breastfeeding is a Sin” and “Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?”


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  1. shaw says:

    hey guess what Landover Baptist is ran as a joke, there is no such place of people.

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