Army Recruiter: “We’re not at war.”

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Click here for the video of the recent ABC undercover investigation showing the kinds of things army recruiters are telling potential recruits these days.

To check out the President’s outlook on this issue, check out this article by Tim Grive of  Here are statements made by President Bush today at a political rally in Florida:

“I wish I could tell you we weren’t at war, but we are,” [President Bush] said. It’s a “different kind of war”; Iraq is the “central front in the war”; Osama bin Laden thinks this is the “third world war”; Americans have to decide “which group of folks can best win the war.”

“And as you go the polls,” the president said today, “remember, we’re at war.”

Grieve adds: “It would be hard to forget — unless you’re an Army recruiter, it seems.”


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