A Halloween Delivery

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Last night, All Hallows Eve, I heard the doorbell ring (yet again). A tightly packed crowd of small costumed individuals were clustered on my porch wearing eager expressions, and all holding bags or other containers. As I opened the door, the tallest “kid” dressed all in brown reached over the heads of the others and handed me a box.

As I juggled it and my candy bowl in puzzlement, he cheerfully called out, “Happy Halloween from U.P.S!” and waded through the throng back off of my porch.

I just thought I’d share this almost totally non-political verbal image because it amused me.
(My front hall as seen looking in through the door last night)
Child's Eye view of my front hall on Halloween



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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    You've got skeletons and skulls in your house? That's really creepy, man. What kind of freak are you? I'm thinking of calling the police. Nice plant, though.

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