Even if you believe you are going to heaven, will it really be you?

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I recently heard a preacher describing what heaven will be like.  He said, enticingly, that heaven will be a place where there will be no sin:  no envy, no lust, no anger, no pride, no scorn, no competition, etc.

It got me thinking:  exactly what is left of a human being after envy, lust, anger, pride, scorn, competition, etc., are all deleted?  Can the human soul be sliced and diced to remove its many “sinful” elements, and what remains if it can?  Will you still be you, or will you be merely an empty shell of your earthly self?  The Bible says you will spend your eternal existence worshipping God, but will you be a zombie who is incapable of any activity other than worshipping God?


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  1. Skblllzzzz says:

    Eternal Evolution, that's the ticket. Just to annoy the Hell out of these "steady state" believers ;-).

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