Rush Limbaugh suggests that we cut and run

October 3, 2006 | By | 1 Reply More

Here’s a pretty amazing admission by Limbaugh, published on Crooks and Liars.  Limbaugh has been criticizing Jack Murtha for this approach for dealing with Iraq, but now suggests it himself without giving Murtha credit (or an apology).


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    There's an important difference between Limbaugh's cut-and-run strategy and that of Democrats: Limbaugh wants to preface his cut-and-run by "taking out anything that looks like an insurgent…a sympathizer, a terrorist or whatever…." Yup, just slaughtering everyone in Baghdad who looks like a bad guy. No trial. No justice. Just a good old-fashioned genocide. Yes, the death penalty for anyone who looks like an Evil Doer in the eyes of some military grunt with an assault rifle. Just kill 'em all. Great idea, Limbaugh — yes, a mass murder of innocent Muslims will surely make America safe from Islamic terrorists.

    And what does Limbaugh think America should do after committing this war crime? Build an impenetrable barrier around the entire country of Iraq, so no terrorism supplies can get in or out. Of course, America can't even guard its own borders, but that doesn't deter Limbaugh from his insane ideas.

    In a country where a nutcase like Limbaugh has a popular radio show, is it any wonder why America is a target of terrorists?

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