Do you need a George W. Bush catharsis?

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You can feel the tide turning. 

New Republican scandals and indictments are revealed every week.  This week, of course, we learned yet another lesson about the Republican version of morality–the kind of morality where horny political leaders relentlessly hit on young boys, a love so stunning that the conservative church leaders around the country have been reduced to silence, beautiful it’s-about-time-they-shut-up silence.  Not even a peep from Dobson’s Focus on the Family. [BTW, Foley’s still known as the “Honorable Mark Foley“!]  Eventually, all the dirt of all of those Republicans in power is going to see the light of day. 

But why wait? Uncyclopedia is way ahead of everyone else, at least when it comes to Dubya himself.  See, for instance the Uncyclopedia list of the Accomplishments of George W. Bush, which includes “Liberating the people of Iraq by relieving more than 30,000 of them from the day-to-day struggle of living.” For more details, see the article entitled “George Dubya Bush.”

Or check out one of the featured articles, such as this article on Bagdad:

Welcome to sunny Baghdad, land of the free–landing explosive devices–, home of the brave–for only the brave step near this warzone–, a fantastic glimpse into life in the Middle East! Don’t be scared, it starts to remind you less and less of the Holocaust as you walk around, take in more of the city, and acclimate yourself to the smell. Wait, all that makes it seem more like the Holocaust. Never mind then.

Or check out one of Uncyclopedia’s photographic glimpses into the heart and mind of Dubya:



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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Now we know what James Dobson thinks of the Mark Foley scandal. It was some sort of a joke by the victims! See here.

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