Yet another chink in the creationist armor

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Archeologists in Ethiopia reported yesterday the discovery of a 3.3 million-year-old fossil humanoid:

It will be amusing to see how creationists write off this discovery.  Perhaps by “finding” yet another “gap” in the fossil record?


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    This is easy for the YEC crowd to dismiss:

    — It's just a monkey, or maybe an ape, unrelated to the perfect creation of Man.

    — Isotope dating (Carbon, potassium, cesium, etc) is inaccurate, so this was just another victim of Noah's Flood a few thousand years ago, but long after Adam and Eve.

    — Stratigraphy is inaccurate, because all those millions of distinct layers of rock were all laid down by Noah's Flood in a few weeks.

    — It was just a little girl with abnormal growth, like all other proto-human finds.

    — It seems to be a member of the same sub-species as Lucy, another already-debunked missing link.

    It is impossible to use modern reason against ancient dogma.

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