Bush & Cheney: screwing America to pay off their friends

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When the news this morning reported yet more staggering profits for big oil companies, I realized that I could think of only three groups of Americans who have benefitted in a big way — i.e., with obscene profits — since George Bush took office:  big oil companies (Bush’s former business colleagues), Halliburton (Cheney’s former business colleagues) and the ultra-rich (Bush’s and Cheney’s political base).  I hate to sound cynical, but it seems to me this is either a truly amazing coincidence or it has been their hidden goal (and the basis for their lies, deceptions and misguided policy decisions) since the day they took office.

I understand now why so many Republicans distrust big government:  they believe that everyone else would abuse governmental power the same way they do — by screwing the public to pay off their friends.


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