War begins with ‘Dubya’

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The official Bush policy in Iraq is that “when the Iraqis stand up, America will stand down.” Does it look to anyone like that is happening?  See here.



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  1. highandmighty says:

    lets see. the presence of the infidel (USA) on Muslim soil is not going to pacify those people. True, that stems from religious zealotry and intolerance. Us (the U.S. us) supporting the artificial state of Israel is not going to pacify any Muslim state…for long. Again, religious zealotry. Condy Rice, to digress from the intent of the original post, is on her way to the Middle East to bring lasting peace. And she is deluding exactly who? I wonder if the term "lasting peace" is a euphemism for giving away more israeli held land, or more American monies. We entered Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, bring peace and stability to the middle east, topple a tryannical leader and free the Kurds and Iraqis, to fight fundemenatalism (take your pick as per the time of day or moon phase). We did free the Kurds and Iraqis and toppled one tyrannical leader. We have only thrown fuel on the fundementalist fires, and have brought a sort of peace to the region. This peace is expressed through such non violent means as bombings, ambushes (ambushi?), assasinations, and sabotouge. Love that peace. Might it be suggested that those who claim to be our administrations experts on the Muslim/Arabic world have…sort of misled the administration? Our stated goal(s) with respect to Iraq have only created a a self sustaining situation. If done properly, we could be striving to accomplish the stated goals, and keep our forces on alert and in country for YEARS! In the process of toppling Saddam, we have destabalized the whole region, and there exists now no counter to Irans power.

    If Mindy reads this, I do aplogize for any teeth grinding I might cause by my writing style or lack of. I admit I play fast and loose with the english language.



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