ABC and CBS ignore Wilson-Plame lawsuit

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MediaMatters reports that these two major news networks failed to report that ex-CIA officer Valerie Plame had filed a lawsuit against Dick Cheney, Scotter Libby and Karl Rove.  Plame’s lawsuit accuses the threesome of leaking her identity as a CIA operative, thus ending her career.  This leak of Plame’s career has often been a highly charged high-profile topic. But ABC and CBS decided not to cover the suit, presumably because there were more important things to report:

While ignoring a lawsuit against the vice president of the United States and two top White House aides in connection with a matter that has been the subject of great media interest over the past three years, CBS featured a segment on the sale of an original printing of William Shakespeare’s works, and both ABC and CBS devoted a segment to Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro’s worsening health.

High officials caught lying that there are weapons of mass destruction and high officials trying to cover up their lies about weapons of mass destruction just don’t get much news coverage any more.  Even when those high officials, who should all be in prison for the needless deaths of 2,500 American soldiers, are still walking around freely and running the country.

CNN reports that this suit could be a factor in the next presidential election

If the Wilsons’ lawsuit survives the legal maneuvering that usually occurs in such cases, it could be embarrassing for Republicans in the next presidential election if Cheney and other top White House officials are forced to answer questions in depositions.


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